Keeping up with Google Algorithms

algorithms How Do SEOs Stay On Top Of Shifts In Google Criteria And Algorithms?


Workers in charge of SEO in a company are referred to as SEOs. SEOs need to stay on top of the changes in the Google criteria and algorithms. The changes that Google will make can push a website back down in the searches. This is because of too many keywords in a short amount of space in the website, or it can be due to other inconsistencies in the information that is being relayed on the site. They can do this by constantly checking with Google’s websites and understanding what their processes are. SEOs should also have a good network of others in the field they can talk to in order to make sure they are getting the very latest information in order to stay ahead of the changes.

1. What they can do to stay on top of the changes.

· SEOs need to stay updated on changes in Google’s practices.
· They should receive magazines and other news references in the field.
· Having a good network of people in the know will also help them.

2. How they can deal with the changes.

· SEOs will want to make sure they change their website to fit in with the new criteria and algorithms that Google puts forth.
· Instruct others in the company of how to stay up on the changes.
· Predict the changes they see coming in the future.

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