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The purpose of this website is to provide you with the kind of information on the search engine optimization world and on how you can use my tips to promote your business online. This website is an accumulation of over 11 years of online experience that have worked first for me when I needed to get more customers from the Internet, and then for the people who believed in the effectiveness of my web services.

If you want to apply search engine optimization ("seo") effectively on your website, you first have to understand what people look for when they search the web. Each seo campaign I implement on behalf of my clients is different, and depends on a number of factors: the size and scope of the business, the competitive landscape of the business sector, and the amount of dollars the business owner cares to invest in this process.

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In order to have a search engine friendly website today you must:

1. Have easily searchable content on your site;
2. Establish links to and from your site from other authoritative websites;
3. Have your content structured in such a way to make visitors linger on the site as long as possible.

The web is already crowded with good websites; web crawlers with their algorithms, on the other hand, do make the searcher's life easier. Search engines like Google have the ability to select relevant websites from among thousands of similar pages competing for your clients' eyes. My goal is not only to allow your website to be found on the web, casually, with keyword searches -- but to give a visibility to your website through a wide range of terms and semantic related expressions.

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